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Elmont, N.Y. – Eastern States Eyewear has announced the release of eight new ophthalmic styles within its Exces Eyewear collection.

Comprised of four plastic and four metal styles, the new release features a bright, diverse color palette.  Several techniques are utilized to demonstrate the brand’s penchant for rich, attractive coloring.  Plastic triple laminate temples feature cuts to show off the added color within their layers.  Metal styles feature endpiece work that allows for subtle color accents to contrast their fronts.  Additionally, we see a theme of dynamic detailing on endpieces such as flowing metal work, laser etching and rhinestones.  A variety of shapes and sizes are featured in the entire new collection, showing an ability to fit standard size faces and tweeners alike.

Five of the styles are traditional Exces styles targeted to a younger demographic, the other three are Exces “Princess” styles which feature a more classic twist with accents such as crystals and resin.  All Exces Eyewear styles are carefully inspected to ensure that they meet ESE’s high quality standards.

“Exces has always been a collection that focuses on design first and foremost,” explains Jason Shyer, ESE Managing Director.  “Our primary goal with Exces is to provide our customers with modern, hip styling and the kind of impeccable quality that our company has a reputation for.  While the collection is very competitive price wise, it would not be a true ESE collection if it did not possess those elements.”

For more information, contact Eastern States Eyewear at 800-645-3710 or on the web at www.eseyewear.com.