Rosemary PitjaraRosemary Petyarre (Pitjara) was born in 1945 at Utopia, north east of Alice Springs, Northern Territory. Rosemary was one of a group of Anmatyerre women at the forefront of the art movement in the Utopia area, and was amongst a group of women from Utopia who travelled to Indonesia to learn different techniques for producing batik. Following the Holmes a Court Summer Project, sponsored by CAAMA in 1988-89, she spread her wings and commenced painting with acrylic on canvas.

In her paintings, she incorporates traditional iconography and realistic elements. The themes are primarily bush medicines, yam dreaming and body painting. As a bush woman, she is familiar with her land and its abundance of bush tucker species, medicine plants and native fauna. These are the stories inherited by her, along with important womens stories, and which form the basis of her paintings.

They would gather together and sing and dance, led by the most senior women of the clan group. The womens ceremony is kept separate to the mens ceremony, though each one is equally as important. The main point is that the people are demonstrationg their respect and love for the land. The body paint designs would vary from ceremony to ceremony and would depend on the subject and the time of year the ceremony is held.

We have used Rosemary’s inspiring Bush Yam fabric to create one of Jono’s Limited Edition iconic fabrix frames.

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