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Clark Kent has nothing on you. Metropolis has a new super man in town!
Large classic frames with modern angled bottom rim and teardrop lens shape. Our distinguished yet hip reincarnation of a trend that seems to transcend decades. From The Man of Steel to Woody Allen to Buddy Holly to (insert your name here!).


Contact Fantom for more information: (800) 322-6644 info@fantomoptics.com or visit http://www.eyemusement.com to view more frame styles.

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Decades of Business Experience and a History of Service Excellence.

 Fantom Optics is a premium optical accessories company providing a growing list of high quality products and services to eye care practices and wholesale labs. Fantom has been serving customers for almost four decades with product lines based on quality before price.

As the optical market has evolved, Fantom has continued to develop and source new products and services as well as creating strategic partnerships with a variety of new and traditional retail and wholesale operations.  Products including high quality lens cleaner are manufactured in house from start to finish; allowing Fantom to guarantee that customers receive quality products and a high level of service from a single provider. Lens inventory is offered in 3 different materials and in more than 15 color options including photochromic. Fantom’s patented, custom sun clip technology is available in full, semi-rimless, and rimless designs. Fantom has the proven expertise and established resources to develop and support customized product offerings for specific market segments while also maintaining sufficient scale of operations to make sure its customers always have the support and product they need to be successful.