MembershipApplicationFormEPON Optical Group offers friendly, consistent quality of service, competitive discounts and high degree of billing accuracy.  This is why, on average, our members have been with us for more than 14 years.


With EPON Optical Group your billing is simplified. We provide one consolidated statement of all group vendor activity, showing both detail and summary in an easy-to-read monthly statement.  Your bookkeeper simply pays the participating vendors with one check to EPON Optical Group.  Any questions about your bill are promptly and courteously handled through our toll-free number.


An additional benefit of EPON Optical Group is the offset of vendor credit balances.  Any credit coming to us will be posted on the next billing statement where it will automatically reduce the total owing for your monthly purchases.  You no longer have to track the credit by vendor until you order enough product to use it up.


With EPON Optical Group, the discount quoted is what you get; no hidden fees or surprises on your statement.  Most vendors offer the same rate of discount to all buying groups. Different buying groups calculate what discounts are passed on using their own formulas.  When comparing buying groups, please make sure to ask how the buying group calculates their discounts and services.  The bottom line is what you write your check for.


At EPON Optical Group, we offer membership at no cost to you.  There are no hidden costs.  All you need to do is simply complete and return a new membership agreement form to start receiving the discounts.


To apply for membership, please contact us:

Eye Physicians Optical Northwest (EPON) Optical Group
PO Box 902
Redmond, WA 98073-0902

T:  800-367-7759
T:  425-883-3336

You will be notified as soon as your account is established. At that time, you will receive your EPON Optical Group member number.