keyboardWgoButtonHow do I start using my EPON Optical Group account?
If you wish, once you have your group number, you may start establishing your group vendor numbers directly. When calling a vendor from our list to place an order, simply let them know that you wish to bill through EPON Optical Group. They will guide you through what they need to establish your account on their system.

Vendors fall into three categories:
1) a vendor that will utilize your newly assigned EPON Optical Group member number in conjunction with the group number listed on our vendor list,
2) a vendor that will continue to use your existing account number and simply redirect it to bill through EPON Optical Group, or
3) a vendor that will issue you a new account number from their system.

If you have a list of specific vendors you’d like to get transferred immediately, let us know and we can make those contacts for you. If at anytime you need assistance, please call (800) 367-7759 and we’ll be happy to help.


How long after I return my application will I find out if I have been accepted as a member?
The turnaround time is usually 24–48 hours. You will be notified by phone upon approval.


Will my EPON Optical Group membership change the way I place orders?
No, you place your orders as usual, but identify yourself as an EPON Optical Group member and use your group account numbers. This way the suppliers will ship directly to you and send the bill to us.


Do I need to set up an account with each supplier?
Most of our vendors prefer to establish a new account when you are ready to order. When you place your initial order, just identify yourself as a EPON Optical Group member to ensure your new accounts have been set up to bill through EPON Optical Group. A small percentage of suppliers require additional credit information and/or will give you special instructions for establishing a new account.


If I have more than one location, do I need separate member account numbers?
If you want to keep the billing separate, you will need separate accounts. Otherwise, you can have one account number with different drop ship locations.


Does my sales representative still get credit for purchases I make through EPON Optical Group?
Yes. You can order from your sales representative or directly from the vendor. Just be sure to inform your sales representative that you are a member of EPON Optical Group to ensure you receive your discount.


If I buy direct from some suppliers, or if I am currently a member of another buying group, do I have to switch all of my accounts over to EPON Optical Group?
No, you only need to switch the accounts you wish to bill through EPON Optical Group. Our vendors are included on one statement, requiring only one payment.  Questions regarding all EPON Optical Group vendors can be directed directly to us with just one phone call.


If I purchase a product with my EPON Optical Group account number and then need to return the product, where should it be sent?
Returns should always go directly to the vendor from whom they were purchased. Any products sent to EPON Optical Group will be returned to the member.


Am I allowed to have multiple accounts with the same supplier, i.e., a direct account and a buying group account?
Most suppliers have the technology to set up more than one account, allowing you to choose how you wish to be billed. However, there are a few suppliers that will only allow you to have one account. In those cases, you will need to decide if you wish to have your purchases billed through your buying group account or billed direct.