Who is EPON Optical Group?
EPON Optical Group (Eye Physicians Optical Northwest, Inc.) is an optical buying group.

Founded in 1983, EPON Optical Group was established to help independent eye care professionals and their optical entities compete against the emerging mega retail chains and discount optical shops.

Through EPON Optical Group, our members have access to discounts from all of the major frame manufacturers along with many other smaller or specialty frame vendors, contact lens manufacturers and lab services.


What is an optical buying group?
An optical buying group brings together eye care professionals to combine their purchasing power creating a large volume of business.  This combined volume allows EPON Optical Group to negotiate lower pricing with manufacturers and vendors for products you use in your business on a daily basis.


How does an optical buying group work?
Unless you have a very large practice, you may be limited in your ability to obtain competitive pricing with multiple vendors.  With our combined volume, EPON Optical Group members have the flexibility to purchase a greater variety of product lines while maintaining high discount rates.  Purchasing through EPON Optical Group may also provide discounts from smaller vendors who typically might not offer discounts.


If I can get a better discount by purchasing directly from a supplier, why should I buy through a buying group?
Sometimes you can obtain higher discounts by ordering direct, but maintaining the needed monthly volume will mean buying larger quantities from fewer vendors.  Many practices end up buying more from one vendor than they would like in order to retain the additional discount desired.  With EPON Optical Group you can buy according to your needs and minimize your cash outlay.  In addition, all EPON Optical Group vendor activity is include on one statement, simplifying the payment process.


Are there minimum purchase requirements with EPON Optical Group?
No, EPON Optical Group imposes no minimum purchase requirements.  Members are free to order only as their business needs require without loss of the group discounts or reduction of the discount rate.  With EPON Optical Group you need not worry about maintaining the qualifying minimums that direct purchases demand.