instrument for optometryWith EPON Optical Group you can buy according to your needs and minimize your cash outlay.  We impose no minimum purchase requirements.

Members are free to order only as their business needs require without loss of the group discounts or reduction of the discount rate. All EPON Optical Group vendor activity is included on one statement, simplifying the payment process with One Check Payment.

We provide One Consolidated Statement of all group vendor activity, showing both detail and summary in an easy-to-read monthly statement. Your bookkeeper simply pays the participating vendors with one check to EPON Optical Group.

Any questions about your bill are promptly and courteously handled through our toll-free number (800) 367-7759.

An additional benefit of EPON Optical Group is the offset of vendor credit balances.  No more waiting to order enough product with that specific vendor.

Any vendor credits sent through EPON Optical Group will be posted on the next billing statement where it will automatically reduce the total balance due for your monthly purchases.  You no longer have to track the credit by specific vendor until you order enough products to use it up.


Authorized Distributor of contact lenses, full service GP lab, finished single vision spherical lenses, and digitally fabricated freeform lenses.


iD Lens Series: Hoyalux iD MyStyle, iD LifeStyle 2, Hoyalux iQ Summit, Hoyalux iQ Amplitude, Summit ECP, HoyaluxSummit CD, iQ Amplitude/iQAmplitude Mini, Hoyalux ARRAY, Hoyalux GP WideKS (HOYA Free-Form Backside surfaced lenses), iD SingleVision, HOYALUX Summit, iQ Lens Series: Summit iQ, SingleVision iQ, StraightTop 28 iQ, New Media Optics: Sync, HOYALUX Tact, Materials: HOYA Phoenix, Polycarbonate, HOYA Distortion-Free Optics, AR Technologies: Super HiVision EX3, Recharge –  12-17%


Independent full service lab for precision engineered coating products and quality services.  Rx surfacing, coating and edging, premium customized digitally surfaced freeform lenses, lenses with super-oleophobic AR coatings, stock lenses with premium anti-reflective, sports eyewear with mirror coating and anti-fog technology – 13%


America’s Largest Family Owned & Operated Independent Full Service Laboratory. Exclusive products to help your practice stand out from the competition and remain competitive. Unmatched choices, specializes in processing all major brands of Digital Free-Form lenses, AR Treatments, and GP Contact lenses in-house. – 20%


Litestyle, Mirage, Ultralitestyle, Glass, Plastic – 20%
Stock, Frames, Contacts – 2%


Uncut and Edged Rx and Plano lenses for frames and quality sunwear lines; No-glare coatings; Frame Accessories.  Brands: Essilor, Shamir, Zeiss, Pech – 27%
Services: Marketing Programs/Packages, In-House Coating Facility, In-House Marketing Department


High Index Ultra Thin 1.66, Lite 1.60, Finished and Semi-Finished SV, Polycarbonate, Custom AR Coating


FastGrind is the world’s smallest and fastest in-office modified lens surfacing system. It enables the independent optometrist to produce digital quality progressives and other lens designs in-house. This allows them to reduce their lab bills substantially and provide exceptional customer service to their patients. FastGrind is time proven technology in use for 20 years, located in over 50 countries, and used by the U.S. Military. In addition, FastGrind has recently gained approval to qualify as an “in-house” EyeMed lab. That means you can process your EyeMed jobs in-house on your FastGrind system with the potential for improved customer service, among other benefits. We also offer other small lab equipment, lab supplies, and finished stock lenses in single vision and multifocal.  Small Equipment – 7%, FastGrind System – 4.5%, Lenses – 2%


Rx & Stock – 12%


Glass & Plastic – 12%

For all EPON Optical Group members, the discount quoted to you will be the discount you receive.  There are no hidden fees, administrative fees or surprises on your statement.  We offer membership at no cost to you.  The discounts are what our members receive as of January 1, 2015.  The discounts listed are subject to change by the vendor.  Contact us for a current list, if you have any questions in regards to our vendor offerings, or questions about our group and policies.