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Springtime is here, and there is no better time than now for a fresh look. This past season, big and chunky frames were all the rage. This trend is losing ground as we move towards a world that generates one-of-a-kind products for consumers that demand personalized form, function, and style. From premium brands offering custom-tailored suits, to building your own car, customization is the new trend.

When it comes to eyewear, Silhouette rimless is the paradigm of customization. Every pair can be tailored to a patient’s wants, needs, and style. The end result is lightweight, durable eyewear that supersedes fast fashion and withstands the test of time. This is achieved through 6 points of customization, which allows for interchangeable lens shapes, frame styles, frame colors, frame sizes, lens sizes, and lens treatments. A practice that carries one Silhouette Style center with 5 collection trays can offer over 1,600 unique options to patients. This keeps inventory costs low and versatility high; an essential practice for the rapidly approaching world of customization.

To demonstrate the universal nature of rimless, pedestrians in New York City were asked to remove their chunky frames and try on a Silhouette frame. An eyewear stylist quickly assessed the individual’s face shape and selected eyewear with a tailored lens shape, size, and temple design. The first thing people commented on was the almost weightless feeling of the frames. But the biggest reactions came when people saw themselves in a mirror (see for yourself at bit.ly/SilhouetteNY)! These New Yorkers loved the minimal design, the brightness that was brought to their face, and the wider field of vision. This experience was very enlightening for the participants, mostly because many of them have never even considered a rimless frame before. As customization becomes a part of everyday life, patients will expect personalization from their eyewear.

Even fashion experts have opened their minds and their eyes to rimless and were pleased with the results. Christiana Molina said, “I am so impressed with how the Silhouette frames really lighten my face and definitely give me more of a contoured and slimmer look.” Christiana is a Beauty Writer for Elle.com. “I just got a chance to try the glasses for the first time. They’re revolutionary; they’re going to change my life and I am really excited to rock a pair.”, says Kristin Booker, lifestyle blogger at Fashion Style Beauty and contributing writer at Refinery29.

Customization leads to patient satisfaction; which inevitably increases repeat visits and referrals. Trends come and go, but a personalized Silhouette rimless frame has a style that will last forever and stand out, as will its wearer. Start the season with a fresh new customized look with Silhouette rimless, because after all, customization is a trend that will never go out of style.