Premiere Merchant ServicesChargebacks are an ever present thorn in the side of business owners, however; chargebacks are a necessary option for cardholders who can sometimes feel powerless in the face of fraud or an unresponsive business. Premier Merchant Services outlines some helpful points to assist merchants in reducing the possibility of chargebacks which will ultimately create happier customers and more profitable businesses:


Prior to checkout/Sale

Disclose all terms and conditions at checkout including returns, warranty, additional fees etc…


After Sale


Follow Up






Customer Service


Premier Merchant Services provides electronic payment solutions for all business types, whether they’re in a low, medium or high-risk industry.  Services include Credit Card transactions, Debit Card transactions, ACH Debit, Electronic Check Service, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, System Upgrades, Online Processing, Mobile Processing, ATM Machines, Cash Advance Programs and Data Protection Programs. Our payment processing and business development solutions are designed to create convenience for our merchants and their customers!  Call 888-316-3894 or email for a Free Rate Comparison analysis and EPON vendor pricing.