ESE is proud to announce the release of seven new optical styles in its Diva Eyewear collection.

Five metals and two acetates comprise these new creations.  Notable for its commitment to sophistication and elegance, each new Diva features highly detailed work meticulously augmented with Austrian Swarovski Crystals cut in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.  Within the metal styles, hand painted finishes often complement a variety of subtle colorations.  Examples include a brown leopard print, blue, violet, and green which coat a mix of gold and silver bases.  Acetate styles use a mix of exotic floral and laminate colors.

Additionally, designer Antonio Coffen obtains his inspiration from nature to create a variety of brilliant details.
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The endpiece of model 5437 takes the form of a snake slithering around a flower.




The temple design of style 5432 takes its distinct shaping from a gemstone or mineral.



ESE-Diva_D5433-123The flowing lines of styles 5433 and 5434 derive their look from a shooting star piercing through the nighttime sky.ESE-Diva_D5439-h45


“Eschewing typical trends and constraints Mr. Coffen wanted to focus his artistic sensibilities to create a uniquely stunning collection,” explains Jason Shyer, ESE Managing Director. “Observing how he transfers elements of nature into eyewear design is something incredibly original and quite special.”