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June 30, 2016 – Ontario, CA. Both Ziena and 7eye by PanOptx eyewear provide fast-acting relief from the burning, itching and redness caused by dry eye, without the side effects or reactions found with other medications and treatments. Both designs help to lock in corneal moisture while blocking out wind, glare and airborne irritants like dust and pollen.


ziena logoZienaFour different clinical studies conducted on behalf of the eyewear brand 7eye by PanOptx have shown that patients with dry eye symptoms, including contact lens wearers, post-Lasik patients and those whose symptoms are induced by aging and/or prescribed medications, show a significant reduction in symptoms when they wear 7eye’s AirShield models, even if they only wear the glasses occasionally.
“We engineered every aspect of our AirShield designs to optimize performance for dry eye sufferers,” notes PanOptx Founder, Joel Olney.  “We altered the construction of our patented AirShield to improve its sealing properties, added wire-core temples to personalize the face-fit, and reconfigured the frame design to minimize the visibility of the eyecup so people wouldn’t feel like they were wearing a prosthetic device on their face.”


F010540_Oasis-Glossy-Black-SV-ClearF010541_Oasis-Glossy-Black-SV-GrayZiena, a brand also created and marketed by the team at 7eye, brings a fresh approach to eyewear intended to alleviate dry eye symptoms.  “We realized during the development process that we’d have to explore different solutions to fully meet the needs of the market, delivering a product more in keeping with the style requirements of the target consumer,” says CEO Daniel Hsu.  “The new eyewear we devised, and the moisture-retention technology it incorporates, represent such significant innovations that we had to create a separate brand, Ziena.”


F016027_Oasis-Light-Tortoise-Photochromic-ContrastZiena’s signature feature isn’t what you see, it’s what you don’t see: the translucent silicone shield that closes the gaps between the fashion frame and the face, creating a soothing micro-climate that helps reduce tear evaporation and retains corneal moisture. The shield attaches via six discrete magnets embedded in the frame front, making it simple to remove and replace as necessary. In addition to its unique silicone shield, Ziena frames feature wire core temples for custom fitting and spring hinges for extra integrity.


Ziena frames are sold solely through independent Eye Care Professionals, where they will be available in prescription. (Plano lenses are offered with Ziena to serve the post-LASIK market.) To inquire about dispensing Ziena and/or 7eye by PanOptx in your practice, please contact 7eye Dealer Services at 866-484-0292 PST.